Gone are the days when arrange marriage meant the parents will choose the partner and the first time ever you meet them is at the wedding ceremony. Even the most conservative and traditionalist families in India today, appreciate the necessity of a meeting between the bride and groom before the discussion of marriage goes further. Figuring out the personality of another human being can take a lifetime and yet this meeting is crucial. Here is why it is essential to meet your potential bride or groom before taking any decision.

The initial attraction

The physical appeal of the person is the first thing we will notice when we meet a stranger and it plays a string role in determining our feelings towards them. This first meeting is hence crucial to understand whether you are at all attracted to this person to want to know them beyond the looks. Many of us have an imaginary idea in our head about our prospective partner and this meeting help to determine if that idea is satisfied.

Basic communication

Talking to another person about any random topic can ease out the conversation which is important when you are going to start a new relationship like marriage. Even though we have social media, chat rooms and phone calls today, conversing face to face can be a very different experience from all of that which you must witness to take a decision. It also paves the path towards better marital understanding even though it is an arranged set-up.

Deciphering the untold

A person’s body language, attitude and mannerism can give away numerous untold factors about their personality which you can understand only when you meet them. You not only get an overall idea about their persona but can also determine if they are keeping secrets.

Marriage is a matter of luck to a large extent and somewhat about understanding between different people. At arya samaj mandir in Delhi we help to find the best match for you so that you can form a strong bonding in every way and call them your partner in the true essence of that word.

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