Court marriage in delhi– A list of FAQs for your convenience

In India, court marriage is the best alternative for couples to do not want to have a grand marriage party. This kind of marriage is quite popular among people having inter-caste marriages and inter-religion background. In fact, it also serves as a sanctuary for those couples who wish to marry against their family members. Court marriage is a simple procedure and like the traditional marriages where innumerable customs and rituals are followed. Only a few witnesses are required along with the couples to sign on the marriage register in front of the registrar.

In this post, we will discuss some of the FAQs related to Court Marriage in Delhi. When you have landed on this page, am sure you would like to know about the important factors about this subject. We have already discussed the court marriage procedures and steps in other articles. So, without further ado let’s give a start.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for conducting the court marriage?

Of course, it is necessary. Though it is not mandatory, but hiring an expert lawyer can help you to get guidance throughout unless the marriage is completed. He can take care or the legal issues as well as guide you properly in filling the registration form. In case of any objection by any party, he can help you in fighting the case based on the valid legal points.

How many witnesses do I need to for the court marriage?

It is true that you will be getting married with your own consent in front of the marriage officer; still, it is necessary to have minimum three witnesses during the ceremony.

What are the charges for hiring court marriage lawyers?

The charges generally depend on the type of case they need to handle. Undoubtedly, a simple case will cost you quite less in comparison to something where a lot of complexities are involved. For instance, if you need to hire a lawyer for any divorce case, the charges would be a bit more than what you would need to pay for hiring a lawyer for simply guiding you in the marriage registration process. Apart from the legal fees, he will charge you for giving his valuable opinions for fighting the case.

Can I get married online?

No, you cannot get married online. You can just file the marriage registration form online. It is mandatory to visit the marriage officer’s office to sign the registration form along with the witnesses. Prior to submitting the form online can help you to execute the marriage procedures quickly.

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Do you know the importance of registering your marriage?

Even till a few years ago, marriage registration was not as mandatory as of now. Today, the marriage certificate holds huge importance. Without this certificate, your marriage will not be considered legal by the Indian law.

The marriage certificate is considered as a legal document which is an evidence of your marriage. This certificate can prove to be useful while applying for any government document after your marriage like passport, PAN Card and visa.

Below, we are going to discuss about the court marriage cost in Delhi, prohibited relationship degree, marriage registration steps and exceptions and conditions.

What is the necessary fee for court marriage in Delhi?

Generally, the fee for court marriage varies according to the state. For instance, the court marriage cost in Delhi is just rupees 15. One needs to pay this amount to the district cashier and he will issue payment receipt for the same. There is some other related expenses like printing expenses, photo printing cost and stamp charges for affidavits. All these charges count to 400-500 INR.

What is the cost of online registration of marriage?

Generally, the government portals are quite safe places for ensuring hassle-free and transparent registration process for the applicants. You just need to download the required forms and then follow the guide step-by-step to complete the process. The application status can also be checked. This process is absolutely free, provided you have your own system and internet connection. Only the registration fee is required to be paid to the government. This registration fee varies from one state to another. The miscellaneous expenses or documentary fee will be maximum rupees 200.

The Tatkal marriage service is also available where you can get the certificate within 24 hours. This is a prompt service and is easily available for a cost of Rs 10,000. If your marriage is already conducted through social customs and now you need the certificate urgently for certain reasons, then the Tatkal service is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are getting married and want the certificate immediately, then it is essential to wait for minimum 60 days.

Hiring a lawyer

You can hire an expert lawyer as well who can help you with the entire registration process. If you are involved in busy schedules, then it is necessary that you hire a lawyer because you might otherwise need to visit the court repeatedly to submit the documents and do the needful follow-up. A professional lawyer can do everything on your behalf. He will definitely charge you a certain amount as his fee, but it will make the entire process easier and hassle-free.

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